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Beauty - the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole.
- Leon Battista Alberti

Dr Lauren Golden

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Dear Traveller

Your desire to go to Rome is one worth pursuing, non basta una vita – one life is not enough. If you are reading this letter then you have already decided that a large tour group is not how you would like to experience Rome. So I invite you to take una passeggiata with me.

Perhaps you have been to Rome before and feel you would like to get to know it better or become more acquainted with the history, meaning and symbolism of some painting, statue, monument or building that impressed you or made you curious. Perhaps on a previous visit you felt overwhelmed but knew you wanted to return when you had been able to prepare with some reading or research before another trip. I can provide this for you, in situ. This means that you are unlikely to forget the experience and you will be inspired. You can delight in seeing art in different ways.

If you have never been to Rome, then prepare to be amazed.

With me as your companion, our walks of Rome will take you on a personal journey through this Palimpsest City. Here I can provide an intimate experience that can usually only be discovered through long periods spent in Rome. Together we shall explore, along with some Socratic dialogue, the art, architecture, history, culture and the food alla Romana. We shall often be off the beaten track, walking down little side streets examining palazzo facades and trying to get into elusive churches that guard hidden treasures. Along the way we shall rejuvenate in local trattoria and bars, imbibing the refreshing Prosecco!

All the itineraries are tailor made to suit you. All you have to do is tell me what interests you. I can plan our journey according to whatever period of history, style of art, particular artist you want to explore. I will then devise a programme for you. I will let you consider it in advance and, where possible, make any changes you require. However, you must be prepared for the fact that Rome is an unpredictable city and most certainly you should expect the unexpected. Galleries, palaces, churches may be suddenly closed but you will not be disappointed because I will always have an alternative to hand and in my experience such Roman spontaneity can provide unforeseen pleasure.

My background involves many years of study, lecturing and publishing on art history. I have taught in many cities all over Italy but have a passion for The Eternal City. This passion and fervour has brought me to be able to share this knowledge with you.


You can hire me for a morning, afternoon, day, a weekend or a week up to a group of 5. Cost guideline: €100 for two people for 3 hours. Should you choose a week, then I would arrange a reduction in fees. Students €20 for 3 hours

Experiencing Rome splendidly means an early morning start at around 9am with a break for a long lunch at around 1pm. Then we would resume at about 4pm and finish when the churches close at around 7pm. If our day involves galleries and museums this would alter as most are open throughout the day. It is my belief that the only place to stay in Rome is with a view of the Pantheon and I know of two hotels I can recommend to you. Alternatively, there is the Campo dei Fiori, and again I know of hotels that are modest in price but great in character.

Rome is beautiful any time of the year… ci vediamo presto, spero.

Dr. Lauren Golden

non basta una vita

The Winged Eye